About Our Inflatable Pubs

About Our Inflatable Pubs

The Irish are known for a great many things, but perhaps best of all, the Irish know how to throw a party. And if there’s anyplace the Irish like to party, it’s down at the local pub. But the pub isn’t always open or convenient, especially for larger parties, which is where the concept for our inflatable Irish pubs came from.

We wanted to offer people a chance to party, Irish pub style, in the comfort of their own back yards. Our inflatable pubs are styled after actual historic Irish pubs, some of which have been operating continuously for over 800 years, providing a homey, hearthy feel for your next gathering.

Our pubs come in two sizes, the Galway Bay, named after Stephen’s hometown, the Parting Glass that was named after a famous Irish song and The Local, where everybody knows your name. Our inflatable Irish pubs can be rented separately, or as part of a complete party package. They’re made from durable polyvinyl chloride tarpulin plastic and features an open floor plan for maximum customization.  We also offer additional tables and chairs for rental.

So add some Irish flair to your next gathering with our inflatable pubs.


  1. After the first 20 miles, a delivery fee of $0.49 per mile will be added to the total

  2. We will only erect the pub if weather conditions safely allow it. Heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds are examples of unsafe conditions

  3. Rentals will be picked up the following day unless other arrangements are made

  4. There must be a 120-volt electrical source within 90-feet of the pub placement

  5. There is a 14 day cancellation policy on all deposits.

Wethersfield, Connecticut

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